Pal Zileri presents the Cerimonia 2019 collection

Creative director Rocco Iannone aims at turning Pal Zileri into a depiction of the various nuances and shades of contemporary masculinity, looking for harmony in contrasts. The project is laid out through a plurality of stylistic and aesthetic actions which finally include the Pal Zileri Cerimonia line.
The collection, designed to meet specific needs and occasions, is built respecting the codes yet rewrites them through the lens soft eclecticism. The result is gently unbalanced: an image that is lean but full of nuances and vibrations. Textures, either tactile and rich or dry, get to the fore, enhanced by the precision of the cuts and the refinement of the details. The eclectic approach translates into a mix ‘n match repertoire of three-piece suits and sophisticated dinner jackets meant to be combined in suits and broken suits. The slender silhouettes give off an idea of virile and conscious elegance.
The launch of the collection is accompanied by a video that turns the ethos of the project into a tale made of gestures and gazes. Shot in elegant, timeless black and white, the film is set on the Amalfi coast, between glimpses of sublime landscapes and patrician architectures on which time and nature have laid out a dense and emotional patina. Three men cross the scene with class and dignity, heralds of values that effortlessly combine tradition with modernity.